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"Seven Star" hails from British Columbia, home of where many famous strains are created.


Distillate is great for those looking for cannabis products featuring THC in its purest form. This is a thick cannabis oil, contained in a glass syringe for easy use unlike other distillate cartridges.


Our cannabis distillate offers a THC-rich experience and medicinal benefits that hash oil, RSO and CBD distillates can not deliver. Whether you plan on using our THC distillate in your vaporizer, rolling papers, or in another form!


We suggest that users warm up the syringe before each use, as it contains an extremely thick liquid. Each syringe holds 1 gram of our THC distillate..


Seven Star uses trichome heavy strains resulting in a super concentrated products!

Contains: 85-90% THC.

Seven Star - Distillate Syringe (Multiple Strains)


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